Trump’s Assange Play-White Rook to D5-Checkmate !!!


History shows how Capablanca expertly moved his preciously sidelined White Rook into position for checkmate against Marshall. “Q” has hinted at D5 being connected to chess/avalanches/December 5th/and our wonderful 45th President.

Post Q# 459 on 12/15/17 (in part):

Due to a clerical error, details of sealed indictments concerning Julian Assange (JA) leaked out. The US Secret Court held a hearing with lawyers for Assange and records remained sealed as the judge delayed the motions.

Post Q# 1688 on 6/28/18 (in part):
JA in the news a lot lately (out of nowhere).

Talk are that the federal charges stem from the Chelsea “Bradley” Manning saga and not related to DNC/SR. Assange and WikiLeaks has over a 10 perfect track records in releasing authentic material they have obtained.

The 2016 computer intrusion on the DNC computers has been ground zero in the false Trump-Russia narrative. NSA expert Bill Binney has forensically proven with data download transmission speeds, that the DNC intrusion was a “Leak not a Hack”.

Post Q# 1707 on 7/25/18 (in part):

Self admissions by Craig Murray has a DNC insider passing him the DNC email data on a thumb drive in Washington/DC. JA & WikiLeaks displayed their classic “drip strategy” of releasing the DNC emails prior to the 2016 election.

Post Q# 531 on 1/13/18:
JA’s post of a chessboard (D5)

Many have pointed to DNC staffer Seth Rich (SR) as the insider that physically performed the downloads. Sadly we all recall the murder of Patriot “Panda” shortly after discovery of the intrusion.

Post Q# 1462 on 6/11/18 (in part):
What recent news came out re: SR/JA/WL lawsuit?

Information is still being collected in regards to the possible use by SR of “Secure Drop”. This was the “secure” whistleblower submissions site operated by the Freedom of the Press Foundation (FOTP).

Post Q# 1198 on 4/19/18 (in part):
SR connect to DNC.

It appears that the Deep State’s intelligence assets intercepted SR initial correspondence to JA. You will recall the rash of deaths surrounding the FOTP founders like John Perry Barlow/Aaron Schwartz/and James Dolan.

JA had helped with the escape route and advanced coordination for Edward Snowden. They along with reporters Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras were all also core members of FOTP-“coincidence”.

Post Q# 1626 on 6/28/18 (in part):
Server or JA = truth exposed (SR).

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussmann hired CrowdStrike to check out the DNC computers. CrowdStrike’s conclusion was that the Russian hacker groups Fuzzy and Cozy Bear were solely responsible for the DNC “hack”.


Deep State loves their layers and miraculously enter Guccifer 2.0 to help muddy the hacking waters. Smoke and mirrors has been the trademark of the entire DNC computer fiasco.

Post Q# 874 on 3/17/18 (in part):
JA-have you learned and eliminated L-6?

Julian has been by all public accounts, holed up in London’s Ecuador Embassy for almost 7 years. Team “Q” has alerted us that perhaps JA was spirited away around last Christmas and is now in safe keeping.

Post Q# 2322 on 10/3/18 (in part):
[Pg. 20 – Assange Arrest].

Disinformation about Paul Manafort’s meeting with JA has come out but Rep. Dana Rohrabacher did meet with Assange. Dana through Rand Paul got the information from JA to POTUS.

Post Q# 1591 on 6/26/18 (in part):
JA in the news?
Think JC.
Server unlocks SR.

Already declared a citizen of Ecuador and worldwide hero to many, JA is ready to be activated. Many people have been waited to see how POTUS plays Assange and we hope for checkmate.

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