Twitter Bans Account Tracking Nancy Pelosi’s Alleged Insider Trading


Twitter Bans Account Tracking Nancy Pelosi’s Alleged Insider Trading

Did Twitter just ban Nancy Pelosi? No, Twitter just banned an account dedicated to tracking Nancy Pelosi’s investments called @NancyTracker.

I was first alerted to this story by a post on the popular subreddit, Wall Street Silver. U/silvertomars perfectly summarized the situation with a Drake meme…

Twitter does not ban the accounts of suspected insider traders such as Nancy Pelosi, but rather they remove accounts that are exposing potential crimes of politicians. Many people have speculated at the success of Pelosi’s investment strategies.

On November 22nd, 2021, @NancyTracker posts:

“Nancy Pelosi just bought a 11,000 square foot $25 million mansion in Florida. Someone doesn’t want to pay exorbitant taxes in her home state she has ruined. Climate change and global warming thrown out the door.”

@NancyTracker is not the only person that has noticed the amazing performance of Pelosi’s investments… Over at, Emilee Klein & Tiffany Zheng write:

“Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and venture capitalist husband Paul Pelosi beat the stock market by 13.3 percent in 2020 and by 4.5% so far in 2021. Based on the stocks purchased and disclosed from 2019 through Q3 2021, her portfolio grew 102% over that time, gaining $65.7 million in value. And that’s not including the $2.8 million made from options trading.”

They go on to say…

“Speaker Pelosi and her husband have proven themselves as highly strategic and successful investors. More importantly, some of their most successful investments have synced up with important policy developments and business news.

They have consistently beaten the stock market, at rates rivaling or better than the most famous and successful investors, including Warren Buffet.”

In a time when transparency of our elected officials is imperative, why would Twitter censor information calling into question Nancy Pelosi’s investments?

Written by: SilverBeard

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