U1 with Transparency



If you were to ask an average American citizen what the Uranium one scandal was about many would be lost in false information and half- truths that today’s T.V hosts and journalist push. My objective in this article is to break down the information to make it more understandable with factual evidence.

 Lets start with what Uranium One actually is, then we will find connections that lead to Obama, Clinton, Wyoming, Kentucky, Canada, Kazakhstan and ultimately Russia.

Uranium One is now a Russia uranium mining company that has investments across the globe. 

 In 2010 The Clinton Foundation received a $145 million donation from the Uranium One company and affiliates. To make things even more interesting is Bill Clinton went to Russia in 2010 to give a speech. This speech was one for the record books that will probably be taught in school to our children. Why? Bill Clinton made a profit off this speech of half a million dollars that was paid by Renaissance Capital with dark ties to corruption. But wait, there is more. While Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State her husband gave 11 speeches that made a profit of 6.3 million dollars.

 Lets break down what was happening with Renaissance Capital and the Russian government around the same time Clinton gave his speech.( I will abbreviate Renaissance Capital from this point on as R.C.) The late Sergei Magnitsky was a tax lawyer and exposed R.C.s’ corruption and paid for it with his life. His work was so impactful that the U.S House Committee on Foreign Affairs put forth a bill in 2012 called the Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability.

 Mr.Magnitsky showed that for 6 years R.C. and Russian tax and enforcement agents obtained $470 million dollars from fraudulent tax refund scheme.  Magnitsky exposed this crime to the public and was subsequently arrested by the same people that committed the crime. In 2009 Magnitsky was supposedly tortured and murdered while awaiting trial. Even after Magnitskys death they continued with his trial and found him guilyt of tax evasion.

 The rabbit hole that Magnitsky went down goes deep with lengthy factual evidence that I will save for another time but will provides links at the end of this article if you would like to do some digging.

 Now getting back to U1. U1 was a Canadian company that had operations in U.S. Specifically at a ranch in Wyoming which at the time was called the Christensen Ranch. The Canadian based company Uranium One sold their company to a Russian government backed uranium company called Rosatom. In 2009 Rosatom purchased a small stake in the U1 Company. Then in 2010 Rosatom took control of 51% of Uranium One. By 2013 Rosatom had complete control over Uranium one. With the take over by Rosatom, the Russians now had control of about twenty percent of the production of Uranium in the U.S.

 Obama appointed Gregory Jaxzko to run the Nuclear Regulatory Commision in 2009 and stayed until July 9,2012 his successor again appointed by Obama was Allison Macfarlane who stayed in the position until the end of 2014.The NRC issued Rosatom licenses to do their work but prohibited them from exporting the uranium any where outside the U.S. Hillary Clintons state department (along with other agencies) signed off on the sell of U1 to Rosatom and as I mentioned before Hillary also received $145 million dollar donation from U1 while all of the sells were being processed.

 Now how can one make the connection that Hillary and Obama conspired with the Russians to complete the sell with massive paydays? First, you need to ask yourself why would Russia buy a company (U1) when they are not licensed to transport the uranium outside the country. The answer is they wouldn’t. Russia is not going to invest in a company that will not profit them. There had to be a back door scheme in place to get past the stated license that prohibited the transport. This is where the digging comes in. The Russian back company could not legally transport the uranium and the Obama administration reaffirmed to the people that the license clearly stated so. The Obama/Clinton administration had a loop hole to make good on their deal with the Russians by using a company based out of Paducah, Kentucky called RSB Logistics. Between 2012 and 2014 uranium flowed smoothly from the U.S to Canada to a company called Cameco. RSB Logistic was able to legally transport uranium from the US to Canada thanks to Obama officials. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission quietly made an amendment to RSB Logistics license adding U1 to the list of companies RSB could legally ship. To go a step further the NRC increased the amount RSB could ship from 7,500,000 kilograms to 12,000,000 kilograms. Making a total almost 10 million pounds shipped from the US to Canada.

 This article is not about left or right. It is about the corrupt individuals that have sold out our country. It is the average American citizens that are coming together in a massive crowd source of facts and knowledge and exposing these people.

 So what is the end game for Russia? Why did they purchase U1 and mine uranium in America. To put simply, it is a power play. Uranium in America is minute compared to other nations supply of uranium. Russia didn’t buy U1 just to shove it in Americas face they bought the company because of the resources across the globe Uranium 1 had acquired over the years primarily in Africa, Canada and Kazakhstan.

 One other piece I want to add to this before ending dates to 2005. In 2005 Bill Clinton and Frank Giustras (who has donated $100 million to the Clinton Foundation) traveled to Kazakhstan to have a meeting with the president Nursultan Nazarbayev. Clinton and Giustras talked Nursultan into selling off his countries uranium rights to Giustras’ company UrAsia. In turn UrAsia in 2007 sold the company to Uranium 1 now controlled by the Russian Government.

 What we have unknowingly witnessed is a uranium race and America unfortunately lost this one because of the work of the Clinton and Obama administration. Today 89% of Americas uranium comes from other countries with Russia owning stakes in most countries.