[Video] Indiana Republican Rep. Victoria Spartz Delivers EPIC Defense Of The Second Amendment


Reported by: American Lookout

Victoria Spartz was born in Ukraine but now represents Indiana’s 5th congressional district.

As a transplant to America, she values our freedoms more than some people who were born and raised here.

During a vote on gun control this week, she delivered an absolutely perfect defense of the Second Amendment.

Here’s part of what she said:

I actually have to speak against this amendment and I’ll tell you why, because the stakes are too high and I’m not going to talk in the behalf of state of Texas but I want to speak on behalf of state of Indiana.

It is a common used weapon to protect, and as a mother of two daughters as a woman I truly believe that is infringement on my rights and I want to make sure that my children, my great children, and grandchildren and children of my constituents have the same rights to protect them.

I think we need to remind us what really happened in countries like Ukraine right now. That a lot of people probably would love to have something you know, to protect themselves, and we know why we won our war you know, against kings and queens and became a republic because our American people had these rights. If you don’t have the rights and you have a police state or you can have bandits running the show.

And I think that is very dangerous. This gives me a freedom as a woman and I don’t you know, my concern is when we talk about this is issues of common use and unusual and dangerous weapons. My concern is what’s happening in Afghanistan what’s happening right now in Europe if we don’t take control…

Watch the whole thing below. Just reading the text doesn’t do it justice. This is great:

Other Republicans should take note of these remarks.

This is the kind of robust defense of our constitutional rights that conservatives want to hear from our representatives.


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