Watch: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Confronts Lindsey Graham On Gun Control Vote


Reported by: Red Right Daily

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tracked down Republican Senator Lindsey Graham to ask him about the red flag legislation that is being introduced and mentioned that they “violate due process.”

“I’m a gun owner and also a business owner, and I don’t know if you support this bill coming through – the red flag gun confiscation bill. But I have to ask if you guys would consider a way to put in this bill where it doesn’t violate due process,” Greene told Graham.

Senator Graham claimed, “there won’t be a bill without that” however, 10 Republicans in the House voted to raise the age limit to purchase semi-automatic rifles to 21, and conservatives are worried some members may cave.

A similar California law was already struck down by the federal courts finding it unconstitutional.

Greene confronted Graham because just a few weeks ago he said, “I look forward to coming back after the break, see if we can find a pathway forward on common-sense gun reforms,” but didn’t define what “common-sense gun reform” means.

However, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell did extend the olive branch with Democrats telling CNN, “What I’ve asked Senator Cornyn to do is to meet with the Democrats who are interested in getting a bipartisan solution and come up with a proposal, if possible, that’s crafted to meet this particular problem.”

Not long ago Rep. Greene appeared with the American Firearms Association and gave out Graham’s office line telling Republican voters to tell the South Carolina Senator to vote “no” on red flag laws.

“So, here’s what I’ve been asking everyone to do: I’m asking everyone to call Senator Lindsey Graham’s office, 202-224-5972. Call Senator Graham and tell him to stop helping Joe Biden destroy your freedoms, take away your gun rights, and burn this country down. Tell Senator Graham to be a Republican and to do his job in the Senate – that is hold the line and vote ‘no’ to Joe Biden’s red flag gun confiscation bills,” Greene said.


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