West Harris, Contributing Writer



Destruction of education documented by Charlotte Iserbyt

End of Beauty documented by Pasolini

Leviathan, the culture war of Thomas Hobbes


CIA infiltration of NGO’s

The Corporate-Zionist elite

Corporate-Zionist mind control

Anti-neo Marxism

Socialist urban planning USA

US decline statistics

Destruction of US legal system

Anti-male agenda

Collapse of WASP culture

Planned subversion of traditional religious denominations

List of famous Zionist gangsters

Subversive US Cults

Masonic Order




Chabad Lubavitch

Roman Catholic apostasy

Mind Control Programs

Origin of thought control

Mind control remedy

Bluebeam mind control and solution

Crime, the brain and psychosis

Acute stress disorder symptoms

Abuse dissociation

Drug induced mass psychosis

False memory syndrome

Historical distortions & false history

Induced insanity

Positive mind therapy

Subconscious signals block concentration

Psychological mind control by torture

Fascist prison state & wage slavery

Learned helplessness

The Author uses a pen name, holds two graduate degrees from an Ivy League university, tri-lingual, as well as three classical languages, raised on eastern seaboard, descends from historic American roots, has an international outlook and lived in Europe and Asia.