Fieldworks: The Political Wave of The Future – Another Way To Cheat


In 2016 I was pressed for some extra cash and endeavored to supplement by canvassing for Fieldworks; I found them through Craigslist. At that time, the pay was $16 an hour and there were two agendas they were pushing. Green energy and voting rights, aka mail in ballots. There was a daily quota of 65 signatures and little to no organization. It was an easy way to supplement my income during the summer.

2021 came,  and I started getting texts from Fieldworks notifying me of work in Arizona; but they had a vaccine mandate. Some weeks later they contacted me again and notified me the vaccine mandate had been lifted and they were hiring in Michigan. The pay rate this time – $20 – $22. I answered the text; they now operate entirely through a streamlined process which works through an applicant’s cell phone. The person conducting the video interview stated there was only one petition: “Michiganders for Fair Lending.” A petition to regulate Payday Loans in Michigan; presently the industry is unregulated and some businesses like “Check into Cash” are charging upto 370% interest. There are three out-of-state companies operating in Michigan solely because there is no legislation in place to regulate them. The petition attempts to cap profits at 36%.  The petition is bipartisan and well received by nearly everyone.

When I had worked for fieldworks before, they were pretty “fly by night” . I would encourage everyone to look at their website.    Now… in 2022, I was blown away. Company cars provided for all drivers; previously they paid extra to drive your own vehicle. In 2016, you were sent into a generalized area and encouraged to adjust if traffic flow was not adequate; 2022, you are assigned a phone with a tracking app and assigned every location. Everything is managed through the office. You are given a car or driven to every single spot. First week on the job we were given a $2 an hour raise making it a total of $24 an hour. Team leaders get $26. Since I left, the base pay has been raised to $26 an hour.

My first day back in the office, I am informed that in fact we are promoting two other petitions as well. These two are set to change the Constitution of the State of Michigan. The first is sponsored by Promote the Vote and essentially ensures the constitutional addition of mail in ballots and drop boxes. The talking points Fieldworks insists that all canvassers stick to does not mention  mail in ballots or drop boxes. The talking points are that it requires an ID to vote and guarantees military votes are counted as long as they are postmarked by election day. The talking points make a big deal about  stopping all proceedings on election day. These talking points are deliberately deceptive of the petition’s true intent.

The third and last, an abortion rights petition labeled “Reproductive Freedom for All.” From the beginning, we were instructed to never use the “A” word – abortion. Plain and simple this petition is geared toward making the codified murder of babies a Michigan State Constitutional Amendment. In the end, I was forced to resign because I would not present this petition.

Michigan law allows the Legislature to adopt petitions that gather enough signatures into law, so some of the measures may never even make it to voters, including ones to change health regulations, require ID to vote and create a tax credit scholarship program for private schools.

Michigan citizens can file a petition with the state government to establish a new law, repeal a newly-enacted law through a referendum or amend the state’s constitution.

Groups pushing for new legislation or a constitutional amendment must submit a copy of their petition to the Secretary of State before circulating it. They may also submit to the state Board of Canvassers the format of the petition and a summary of the petition of no more than 100 words for approval.

Approval is not required for groups to gather signatures, but is recommended to minimize chances the petition is rejected later in the process. Groups can start collecting signatures to make the ballot as soon as they submit the petition to the Secretary of State. The number of valid signatures required for each petition type is based on the percentage of total votes cast in the last gubernatorial election.

  • Amend the state’s constitution: 5 p.m. July 11, 425,059 valid signatures (10 percent of last gubernatorial election).
  • Establish a new law: 5 p.m. June 1 at least 340,047 valid signatures (8 percent of last election).
  • Referendum to repeal a newly-enacted law: 90 days after the law is enacted, 212,530 valid signatures (5 percent).

Allegedly, the Board of Canvassers — a four-member panel in charge of tallying votes, certifying statewide elections and recounting ballots for state-level offices — will validate signatures for each petition. THIS IS BS!!!! Keep reading to find out what is really going on.

The state Legislature can then adopt or reject petitions seeking new laws within 40 days, a provision that is rare among states and allows lawmakers to circumvent the governor, who can’t veto the law. If lawmakers don’t adopt the measure, it goes on the ballot for the general election.

Fieldworks prides itself on being a political operative organization which gets things done; the success of its clients is the only thing they concern themselves with. BECAUSE of that, Canvassers are trained daily on how to engage the public and get signatures. It’s like con man school. Canvassers are trained to be deliberately deceptive – and there is no law against it in Michigan.

Starting from day one, they used deliberately deceptive hiring practices to push far left agendas hidden under a bipartisan petition which all Michiganders can support. – a fair lending act. The gig is simple; you hook them with the first petition and before they are even finished you slide the other two petitions into the voter’s hand and keep them signing. Their daily training sessions reflect the same.

You are told upon hiring there are no quotas and that you must simply ask every person you see. That changes on day one when they push 75 signatures a day. Those who can’t produce are pushed aside. There are a ton of bonuses for those who excel. The heavy push to encourage quota is in itself defective in that it invites the unscrupulous to cheat. No one makes a quota for being open and honest about the topics; you make quota by pushing… hard.

The petitions are counted and checked for format and the canvasser signs the bottom of the petition each night making it an official sworn affidavit. When tallying and submitting the petitions, supervisors double check to make sure everything is dated and signed and official.  From there it goes to a paid attorney who verifies it and scans it into the Secretary of State database WHERE AN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE VERIFIES ITS AUTHENTICITY. Here is where the hook lies.

By the Director’s own words, the AI always read her name as “Grant” when in fact she was a “Gooch.” The AI kicked her signature into a “judication” file to be fixed manually… just like the electronic voting machines. Who within the Secretary of State of Michigan decides which signatures are real and which are not? The SoS of Michigan, Jocelyn Benson has been accused of altering voting laws in the 2020 election to enable cheating in Michigan as detailed in “2000 Mules.” Are we to think her office will be forthright in the counting of the signatures on these petitions?

On one occasion, I was asked to fix a date I had left off on a petition by the attorney Fieldworks hired to enter the petitions into the scanner hooked to a SoS AI. This should have voided the whole sheet; she had me back date it to match the batch. CLEARLY, this was unlawful according to the duly prescribed method of counting the petitions. With no one to report it to, I tell it to you the reader.

To me, it is quite obvious what the Left’s plans are. Fieldworks is a “woke” company who partners with Uber, AirBnB and  various other leftist corporate entities. Just read their web page. So here is my  call: To make it look good you throw mad money at the leftist agenda to alter the State Constitution. High pay and  tons of bonuses, hitched to an aggressive by design Director, who pushes “get sigs” at all costs, while riding behind a good and noble cause like the Fair Lending Act gets you a volume of signatures coming in. You pay an Attorney (surely a registered Democrat) to verify everything that is fed to the AI which consistently says day in and day out that the signatures have a 60% validity rate. For the weeks I canvassed, validity rates vary little from day to day. I noted several canvassers who really did not seem to care when  I told them I was not eligible.

Part 2: Get the petitions on the ballot for November and BOOM! You rerun the 2020 Election theft as in “2000 Mules” and the Constitution of the State of Michigan is forever changed.

I tried for several weeks now to find info about the AI program Jocelyn Benson has bought to count signatures… crickets. I ran all the usual phone and email probes with zilch to show for it. Fieldworks are equally tight lipped.

Fieldworks presently has campaigns running in Missouri and Michigan. They recently spent a lot of time in Arizona and Georgia. They are determined to succeed for whoever pays them and have a great track record for it. Too good I say. I can personally tell you, they will bend the rules and look the other way in order to hit their mark. I encourage any and all digital soldiers everywhere to look hard at this company. We know corruption abounds in the political arena, especially on the left. Fieldworks is a far left paid political operative – not hard to figure out is it.

My call is that the Left  will cheat in the 2022 November midterms here in Michigan to make baby murder a Constitutional Amendment. Time will see if I’m right.


Written by:
Michael J Grant


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