Silent War Ep. 6214: PowerGrid Failures, TeacherChildRapeTrends, Covid2.0 (Monkeypox) & Elections


In this episode of The Silent War:

At least 135 teachers, aides charged with child sex crimes this year alone.

After Calls For Conservation And Generator Failures, Texas’ Grid Survived
The Weekend. It’s Still May.

“Build Blackouts Better”: Half Of America Faces Power Blackouts This Summer, Regulator Warns.

UFO Hearing: Pentagon Shows Declassified Footage of Flying Spherical Object.

Diesel Costs Deliver Body Blow To Trucking Industry, Impacting Broader Economy.

Gas stations in Washington reprogram pumps to prepare for $10-a-gallon fuel as Bidenflation sends average price soaring to $4.57 – almost twice the $2.41 during Trump’s final month.

Mom Sues School for Indoctrinating Biracial Son in CRT – Says Son Sees Things that Don’t Go His Way as Racism Including Chores.

Montana Supreme Court Restores Election Integrity — Mandates Voter ID and Bans Same-Day Voter Registration.

14 State Populations Were Miscounted in 2020 Census – Overcounting Heavily Favored Democrats.

WHOOPS: George W. Bush Suffers Brutal Freudian Slip – “The Decision of One Man to Launch a Wholly Unjustified and Brutal Invasion of Iraq” (VIDEO.)

“Effective”? Latest CDC Data Shows FULLY Vaccinated Children Have Higher Covid Infection Rates Than Unvaccinated Children.

Bill Gates Warns the Threat of a Smallpox Attack Over 6 Months Ago.

Here We Go Again: Biden Administration Buys Millions of Doses of Monkeypox Vaccine After Case is Confirmed in Massachusetts – Health Officials Currently Investigating Second Potential Case in NYC.

House Passes Domestic Terrorism Bill to Use the FBI to Silence Conservatives Who Disagree With Them.

Azov commander boasts about gruesome photos of executed civilians.

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Leigh Dundas, Human Rights Attorney – Medical Freedoms & Human Trafficking in 2022.

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