WATCH: DeSantis Speaks the Uncomfortable Truth about the Biden Economy, Sounds Warning on Recession


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Is the US headed toward a recession, are we already in a recession, or is everything going to be fine despite the poor economic management of America under Biden and the various disasters of the Biden presidency so far, not least among them is the Bidenflation crisis?

According to Florida governor Ron DeSantis, the unfortunate and frightening truth is that technically the US is already in a recession, with Biden’s energy policy being a major reason for that economic problem.

Watch Governor DeSantis attack Biden for his energy policy and point out the recession issue here:

As you can hear in the video, DeSantis took a wrecking ball to Biden’s energy policy and spoke the truth about the economy that many on Team Biden would obviously prefer be kept silent and unspoken for as long as possible, saying that America is technically in a recession already. In DeSantis’ words:

[The energy policy Biden embarked on as soon as he came into office] is really an anti-American energy policy to try to kneecap energy production in the United States, thinking that somehow that would cause people to have to use windmills and all this other stuff. That’s just not the way the world works.

“And so, all that’s doing is imposing a lot of pain on the American people. It’s impacting businesses across the board. You know, we see, you see it at the gas pump, which is really significant, but you talk to small businesses, seeing their costs just explode across the board. A lot of that is tied to energy. Some of it is tied to the supply chain problems that Biden has not alleviated.

“And so, we see those issues. It’s a huge crunch. I think the economy, we’ll get the numbers on the second quarter, but you know, when you have two consecutive negative quarters, that’s technically a recession.

Fortunately for Floridians, while the US might be headed toward a recession, DeSantis is confident that his state is prepared to weather the economic storm sure to follow the Biden-created economic meltdown.

Speaking on that in a recent speech about Florida’s finances, Governor DeSantis said:

For the month of April, it’s our current estimate that the state of Florida brought in about $760 million above estimate. We consistently have been over-performing that. That means that the fiscal surplus for fiscal 21-22 is going to be by far the biggest surplus in the state. By the time the fiscal year ends June 30th, we’ll have well over $20 billion in surplus between the unallocated general revenue fund balances and our budget stabilization fund.

“That’s what you call being a good steward of people’s money. We’re built for the long haul. We have no income tax, very low tax burden. There’s nothing in the foreseeable future that would change that trajectory. It’s important that we govern that way because I think it’s very likely that Biden is going to plunge this country into a recession.”

Continuing, DeSantis attacked Biden’s economic policies but noted that Florida is in a comfortable financial position, saying:

Florida’s been doing well, and we’re happy about that, but when you have the inflation headwinds, when you have the Fed raising interest rates, when you have some of the other things happening in the markets, there is a possibility of a downturn and unfortunately that downturn will have been precipitated by a lot of really bad policies coming out of Washington, D.C.

We are happy with our fiscal situation. We have the reserves ready. We would not miss a beat in terms of meeting our priorities for education, infrastructure, water resources, all these things that are part of our mission to make Florida a great state to live.”

Were only the rest of the US governed so well!


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