Biden Administration Purchases 13 Million Doses of Monkeypox Virus Vaccine


Biden Administration Purchases 13 Million Doses of Monkeypox Virus Vaccine

This past Thursday, the Federal government ordered 13 million monkeypox vaccines from the European biotechnology company Bavarian-Nordic, according to a report in Newsweek. At $9.15 per dose, this adds up to a total of $119 million dollars.

“The order amounts to a $119 million order for Jynneos vaccines, which are used for the prevention of both smallpox and monkeypox.”  Bavaria-Nordic, which makes the vaccine announced on Wednesday.

“The order will convert bulk vaccines, which have already been made and invoiced under previous contracts with the U.S. government, into freeze-dried versions which have an improved shelf-life.”

A press release by Bavarian-Nordic clarified some of the purchase specifics of the agreement with the U.S. Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), which is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. According to their release, the agency had “exercised the first options under the contract to supply a freeze-dried version of JYNNEOS® smallpox vaccine.”

The Covid-19 panic has greatly subsided and the Democrat poll ratings have been plummeting. Hence, it seems only natural yet another crisis should arise and consume the public’s attention.

Right on cue, monkeypox arrives all across the Western world.

Monkeypox is a viral infection that is traditionally mild and rare in humans. Uncharacteristically, it seems to be spreading from person to person and this has left experts wondering what on earth is happening.

There are a reported nearly 40 cases in Europe and, on Wednesday, the first case was confirmed in the U.S. in Massachusetts and a second suspected case was being investigated in New York City. The Biden administration appears to be preparing for the next public health pandemic.

Monkeypox typically resolves within 2-4 weeks. Sometimes a severe case will develop, according to the New Jersey Department of Agriculture. In less-developed, non-western countries, the disease’s mortality rate ranges anywhere from 1-15%; however, during a 2004 outbreak in the US, just 2 out of 74 people fell severely ill, and all of them made full recoveries.

Curiously, this most recent outbreak seems to be spreading through human-to-human transmission at an alarming rate. Traditionally, the virus has a hard time making the jump from animals to humans, so these new developments are worth keeping an eye on. This may be especially true when we consider what revelations have unfolded about Gates, Fauci, and other ‘health experts’.

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